The Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Paid Parental Leave

Best Companies for Paid Parental Leave: Welcoming a new child is an exciting yet challenging life transition. Parents deserve time to bond, recover, and adjust to their new family dynamic without worrying about income or job security. However, the US remains the only industrialized country missing federal paid family leave laws.

Best Companies for Paid Parental Leave

Progressive companies have stepped up by implementing generous paid parental leave policies – leading to happier, more productive employees. This article explores the 10 organizations offering the longest leaves for new mothers and fathers so others can model similar strong family-focused values.

Key Takeaways on Leading Parental Leave Policies

  • Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson offer over 15 weeks of paid maternity leave
  • IBM, Facebook, and Etsy provide at least 20 weeks of paid time off for birth mothers
  • Spotify allows new mothers and fathers to take over 6 months while collecting partial pay
  • Companies focused on flexibility – enabling new parents to stretch leave over years as needed

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Why Paid Parental Leave Matters

Research clearly shows longer paid family leaves yield benefits for households, women’s careers, company retention/recruitment, and social equality.

For example, California’s state leave program boosted female labor participation by 10% and increased median income for families with a new child by 15-25% per year. Traditional leave lengths shortchange recovery – 25% of mothers return to work within 2 weeks of delivery.

Yet the US remains an outlier on family leave compared to other advanced economies. Federal US laws only guarantee unpaid leave stretching 12 weeks.

Increasingly employees are prioritizing stronger parental leave policies when evaluating offers and staying loyal. Companies attracting and retaining top talent have taken notice…

Key Factors in Comparing Parental Leave Packages

With awareness rising on the importance of paid family leave, progressive companies now compete to offer the most generous policies. Key aspects to examine when comparing offerings include:

Maternity Leave Duration – The paid time-off length for birth/adoptive mothers

Paternity Leave Duration – The paid duration for fathers/partners

Flexibility – Ability to use paid leave sporadically over years as needed

Phase Back – Gradually ramping up work rather than needing to dive back in

Next, we’ll explore the top 10 standouts in these areas…

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1. Microsoft

Microsoft repeatedly appears on lists of family-friendly workplaces – with ample paid leave options for moms and dads.

Maternity Leave

Birth mothers qualify for up to 20 weeks paid maternity disability leave plus an additional 6-8 weeks bonding leave at full pay.

Paternity/Partner Leave

Fathers and partners can access up to 12 weeks of paid bonding leave.


Rather than needing to use consecutively, parents can break up leave over 2 years.

2. Johnson & Johnson

The healthcare giant built an entire Center for Healthy Families resource portal packed with family care support – including 17 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Maternity Leave

Birth mothers receive over 4 months (17 weeks) paid leave. This matches the time doctors recommend for recovery.

Paternity Leave

Male partners get 10 weeks of paid bonding leave – beating national policy standards.


New parents have full flexibility in using leave within the first 2 years. They also ease back through reduced schedules.

3. IBM

For decades IBM served as a model for progressive benefits – extending gender-equal paid family leaves in the 1960s. They continue leading.

Maternity Leave

Birth mothers enjoy up to 26 weeks of full paid leave for medical recovery and then childcare.

Paternity Leave

Fathers/partners get over 3 months (12+ weeks) of paid bonding leave.

Phase Back Flexibility

Rather than cramming leave into one chunk, parents can use it intermittently or work reduced 30-hour weeks at full-time pay during the re-entry period.

4. Pinterest

True to its values of empowering creators, Pinterest offers new moms market-leading flexibility and fathers equal treatment.

Maternity Leave

Birth mothers receive up to 16 weeks of paid leave. Unused vacation rolls over post-leave.

Paternity Leave

Pinterest notably offers 18 weeks of parental leave to all parents regardless of gender or birth scenario to prevent stigma. One of the longest in tech.

Re-Entry Flexibility

Upon returning, schedules gradually ramp up over a 2-month “working parents” program while collecting full salary.

5. Facebook

Despite PR scandals, Facebook receives high marks for parental support – with up to 20 weeks of leave for new parents.

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Parental Leave Options

All new parents (mothers, fathers, adoption, surrogacy, etc) qualify for 4-5 months away.

Baby Cash Bonus

Facebook provides new parents $4,000 in cash.

Health Insurance

Medical premiums are fully covered during leave.

6. Etsy

Crafty e-commerce platform Etsy joins the list with over 6 months of paid leave for new mothers.

Maternity Leave

Birth mothers can take off fully paid for 26 weeks – 6.5 months. One of the longest in the industry.

Paternity Leave

Partners receive 12 weeks of paid bonding time.


Rather than consecutive blocks, Etsy encourages creatively breaking up leave over 2 years as needed.

7. Spotify

Known for progressive stances, Spotify music streaming offers new parents up to 6-9 months of paid time in flexible chunks.

Parental Leave

All parents (birth, adoption, surrogacy, etc) get over 20 weeks fully paid after one year with Spotify.

Extended Leave

Spotify pays a portion of salary (55%) for parents to take another 6 months off – a rare policy.


Leave can be used continuously or split into multiple long and short breaks enabling better life balance.

8. Houzz

Home improvement hub Houzz empowers parents to mix full-time employment with childcare as fits their life.

Maternity Leave

Houzz provides 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave.

Paternity Leave

Fathers and partners also receive 12 weeks of paid bonding leave.

Long-Term Flexibility

Rather than expiring, new parents can stagger allotted Houzz leave however needed over 3 years.

9. Twitch

Popular live streaming platform Twitch offers above-average maternity and paternity leave lengths.

Maternity Leave

Birth mothers get up to 18 weeks of fully paid recovery leave.

Paternity Leave

Partners also take 12 weeks of paid bonding time – more than national standards.

Flexible Use

Instead of consecutive weeks, parents break up leave as most helpful during the first year.


Petition site completes the list – aligning parental leave programs with its social justice values.

Maternity Leave

Birth mothers receive 18 weeks of paid bonding leave to focus on establishing breastfeeding and schedule balance.

Paternity Leave offers new fathers or partners 12 weeks of paid leave – exceeding norms.

Use Over A Year

Rather than expiring, parents can schedule paid time-off weeks strategically over the baby’s first year as needed.

Key Takeaways and Summary

In review, leading companies enabling parents to bond without income loss or rushed recovery timeframes share traits like:

  • Long Durations – Average maternity leaves stretching 4-7 months and improving father involvement through 1-4 month paternity leaves
  • Use Flexibility – Allowing intermittent leave use over years for the balance
  • Phase Back – Transition periods or reduced schedules to ease back rather than dive in

With public pressure and employee demands growing, more organizations will need to re-evaluate parental leave guidelines and support. By investing in the crucial early family period, everyone wins thanks to more engaged workers and thriving households.

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