Finding Top Remote Freelance Gigs for UX Writing Experts

Remote Freelance Gigs for UX Writing Experts: The demand for talented UX writers has exploded in recent years as companies recognize the value of quality user experience content. This rise, coupled with the growing remote work trend, has created exciting new freelance opportunities for UX writing experts.

This article will explore the growth in remote UX writing gigs, the most in-demand skills, where to find open positions, expected salaries, and tips for building your remote freelancing business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Remote UX writing roles are increasing as more products go digital and focus on user experience
  • Empathy, concise writing, and collaboration ability key skills companies want
  • Specialized sites like Upwork and UX writing job boards offer open remote gigs
  • UX writing rates vary widely from $30-$150+ per hour based on factors like experience
  • Building up your portfolio and personal brand is critical to success

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Remote Freelance Gigs for UX Writing Experts

The UX writing field refers to the practice of crafting user interface content and experiences primarily for digital products and services, including websites, mobile apps, and software. UX writing requires understanding end-user needs, psychology, and behavior to create simple, clear, engaging content.

As technology continues to expand and more everyday products move to digital formats, they require strong UX copy and content to facilitate usability and adoption. This drives the demand for talented UX writing experts. Recent statistics show:

  • Global spending on UX services reached $45 billion in 2022, up over 15% from 2021 (UserTesting)
  • 89% of customers now expect organizations to provide excellent CX (SuperOffice)
  • UX writers can raise web conversion rates by up to 400% through better content (NNGroup)

To gain this UX expertise and keep up with rapid digital transformation, companies are hiring more remote freelance UX copywriters to support projects. The 2022 State of Independence Report found that 58% of freelancers specialize in skilled services like UX writing.

Most in Demand UX Writing Skills for Remote Work

When evaluating remote UX freelancer candidates, companies look for these core skills:

User Psychology Understanding

Top UX writers have high emotional intelligence and empathy to understand different end-users and create experiences that resonate.

Concise, Clear Writing Ability

UX writing requires being concise yet impactful. Strong writing, editing, and word choice are essential.

Knowledge of UX/UI Best Practices

Understanding UX principles like information architecture, minimalism, microcopy, consistency, accessibility, and writing for localization key.

Specialized UI Writing Experience

Proven experience crafting microcopy, error messages, and chatbot dialogues sets remote candidates apart.

Ability to Collaborate Remotely

Fluency using remote communication tools critical when freelancing for distributed teams.

Where to Find Remote UX Writing Gigs – Remote Freelance Gigs for UX Writing Experts

For UX writers seeking fully remote freelance roles, smart places to look include:

Freelance Sites

Top freelancing platforms all have dedicated UX writing categories experts can browse:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Flexjobs
  • SolidGigs

UX Writing Job Boards

Industry-specific boards frequently post exclusive remote positions:

  • Jobs UX Writing
  • Angellist
  • Remotebond

UX Writing Communities

Connect with other freelancers and access gig listings:

  • UX Write Jobs Board Facebook Group
  • Contract Voices Slack Community

Conferences and Networking Events

Even virtual UX conferences like UXCamp and Connect can lead to future gigs through networking opportunities.


Customize your LinkedIn feed with relevant keywords like “freelance” and “remote” while highlighting UX writing experience. Also, connect with agency recruiters.

Salaries for Remote UX Freelance Writers

Like any freelance service, UX writing rates fluctuate substantially based on:

Experience Level

  • Beginner UX writers: $30-$50/hour
  • 3-5 years experience: $60-$95/hour
  • Expert 5+ years experience: $100-$150+/hour

However specialized writing like chatbot scripting demands higher rates across experience levels.


Higher paying verticals include:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Medical

Lower-paying industries:

  • Non-profits
  • Academia
  • Marketing Agencies

Building Your Remote UX Freelance Business

Beyond finding open positions, UX writers can grow sustainable remote freelance careers by:

Crafting a Compelling Writing Portfolio

Since remote means less face time, an impressive portfolio showcasing UI writing samples is critical.

Establishing Thought Leadership

Publish blogs, speak at events, and host webinars highlighting your brand and expertise.

Pitching Clients Directly

Identify brands that could benefit from better UX writing and pitch yourself as the expert they need.

Streamlining Your Operations

Have the back-end admin in place for smooth contracting, invoices, payments, project management, taxes, etc.

Key Tools for Managing Remote UX Freelance Projects – Remote Freelance Gigs for UX Writing Experts

Top programs for collaborating with distributed teams:


  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Google Chat

Project Management

  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Basecamp


  • Google Docs
  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway Editor

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  • NordVPN
  • Dashlane
  • LastPass

By identifying open remote gigs, honing specialized UX writing skills, and investing in critical tools, freelancers can access rewarding opportunities in this fast-growing field.

The rise of digital products increased the need for UX writing experts to guide users through positive, seamless experiences. As remote work trends accelerate, UX writers have more flexibility than ever to deliver their expertise through exciting freelance opportunities worldwide.

By building up a personal brand and portfolio showcasing their abilities to craft the UI copy of tomorrow, talented UX copywriters can thrive in the coming age of user-centric design.


How do I become a qualified UX writer?

The typical path is to earn a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, marketing, or design. Many UX writers start as content writers or technical writers and then specialize in UX writing through additional coursework, certifications, hands-on practice, and mentoring.

What tools do I need to freelance as a remote UX writer?

At a minimum, reliable high-speed internet access, a modern laptop, and smartphone, productivity software like G Suite and design programs like Figma/Adobe XD, communication tools like Slack/Zoom, and project management platforms like Asana.

How much can I make as a freelance remote UX writer?

UX writing rates range widely from around $30 to over $150+ per hour depending on your experience level and clientele. It takes time to build up higher-paying long-term clients. When first starting, set reasonable rates for your experience then increase over time.

What type of portfolio pieces do remote UX writing clients look for?

A strong portfolio will showcase UX writing samples like website/app copy, chatbot dialogues, error message flows, landing pages, email templates, in-product microscopy, and more. Include brief descriptions of the user problems you solved with your writing. Variety matters more than quantity.

How do I find clients as a remote UX writing freelancer?

Excellent places to network include UX conferences, online communities like UX Write Jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn outreach to agencies and brands seeking UX copy expertise, referrals from UX designer colleagues, and cold emailing companies showcasing your problem-solving abilities.

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