Remote Jobs with Great Health Care Benefits

Remote Jobs with Great Health Care Benefits: The rise of remote work unlocked unprecedented location freedom for professionals. No longer tied to physical offices and commutes, virtual employees can work from anywhere with strong Wi-Fi. But the ability to work remotely doesn’t mean skimping on traditional job perks like health care benefits.

Remote Jobs with Great Health Care Benefits


Leading organizations recognize that supporting worker well-being through comprehensive medical insurance breeds loyalty and retention regardless of the address listed on the payroll.

This article will explore the most crucial medical coverage offerings to closely examine when evaluating remote positions as well as highlight 10 companies going above standard expectations through their diverse healthcare packages for virtual team members.

Key Benefits for Remote Jobs with Great Health Care Benefits

While personal health priorities differ, common essentials in strong medical plans for at-home staff include:

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Comprehensive Health Insurance

Ideal health insurance offerings provide broad coverage reach for in-plan doctor visits and discounts on prescriptions. Key considerations include:

  • Network size – National providers offer more care options
  • Plan flexibility – PPOs balance costs with choice compared to limiting HMOs
  • Premium/deductible/copay fees – Lower worker fees increase access and utilization
  • Prescription drug programs – Examine common medication tier subsidization and pharmacy choice restrictions

Preventative Wellness Incentives

Leading plans encourage consistent preventative care through perks like:

  • $0 copays for routine visits – Annual exams, teeth cleanings, eye exams
  • Discounts towards exercise costs – Gym network access, activity devices, classes
  • Health education opportunities – Webinars, health fairs, newsletters send tips and best practices

Alternative Care Offerings

Complementing traditional Western medicine with alternative approaches promotes worker health-wellness through assistance like:

  • Acupuncture coverage – Over 75% of plans now subsidize acupuncture costs given efficacy evidence on pain and nausea relief
  • Massages and physical therapy – Manual therapies also gain insurance traction for musculoskeletal aid
  • Mental health supports – Many plans offer therapy session reimbursement and free app wellness tool subscriptions

Family Growth Support

As millennials overtake boomers in the workforce, coverage beyond individual care received more spotlight – including:

  • Fertility treatment support – Nearly 1 in 8 couples face conception challenges making financial backup crucial
  • Surrogacy and adoption guidance – Qualified programs offer backing ranging from advice to reimbursements
  • Pediatric specialist access – Parents require childhood development support from lactation consultants to speech therapists


Routine dental cleanings help prevent painful issues needing expensive interventions later, so ideal remote jobs incorporate:

  • Dental coverage details – Review plan fee structures for cleanings/xrays vs crowns/implants
  • Vision benefits – Beyond discounted exam rates and glasses reimbursements, see what contact options exist

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401(k) Retirement Savings Plans

Remote employers with retirement support exhibit long-term loyalty to staff financial futures through details like:

  • Account management portals – Platform access for tracking investments or directing automatic contributions
  • Company contribution matching – Review if organizations equally match or exceed personal retirement account deposits
  • Financial planning guidance – Some assist in navigating tax-advantaged retirement distribution or brokerage windows enabling sophisticated investor control

With remote talent in high demand, employers go beyond basics through additional coverage like infertility, transgender procedures, genetic screening, student loan repayment, and more.

10 Top Companies Providing Health Benefits for Remote Teams

Known either for its strong historical care reputation or for leading the modern remote work movement, below 10 companies invested heavily in health benefits for virtual employees.


As a health insurance pioneer, Aetna curates customizable HMO, PPO, and POS plans so remote workers can tailor preferences for specialized care freedom or lower deductibles. Highlights include:

Telehealth – $0 virtual doctor visits for 50+ specialties make convenient care accessible
Fertility support – Covers diagnosis and treatments up to plan’s lifetime max spend
Lifestyle integration – Nutritionist-led programs guide unique health journey steps


E-commerce giant Amazon built renowned care supports for warehouse employees that extend to corporate remote staff through:

Premium coverage – 100% premium payments for medical, dental and vision
Lactation shipping – Free breast milk overnight shipping for nursing mothers
Alternative access – $3,000 fertility benefits plus transgender procedural funding


CRM platform HubSpot invests in “needs-based” benefits aligning unique worker priorities including for remote staff:

Open PTO – Unlimited time off empowers self-care flexibility
Fertility funding – $ 20,000-lifetime reimbursement for treatments like IVF
Adoption support – $5,000 subsidy per child adopted up to 3 kids
Surrogacy stipend – Reimburses eligible expenses from the process


Virtualization tech leader VMware grants remote team members equal medical coverage access through expansive US network plans handling needs like:

Chronic illness – Specialist and medication programs tailored to ongoing conditions
Transgender care – Gender affirmation procedures covered per clinical guidelines
Mental health – Range of free therapy sessions then discounted copays


Database management provider Oracle fuels workforce productivity through robust health benefits reaching all remote employees including:

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$200 wellness reimbursement – With receipt towards the gym, therapy, and spa costs
$500 healthy home funding – Can claim towards standing desks or fitness devices
Student loan repayment – Up to $50 monthly contributions directly paying down principal


Social network Twitter sets an example of extending inclusive care options to distributed staff:

Surgery stipends – Up to $10,000 to offset eligible costs
Travel reimbursement – For abortion or transgender procedures illegal locally
Free therapy offerings – Virtual sessions through provider Ginger


Software suite provider Adobe empowers creativity within through $10,000s in potential medical financial support for remote employees seeking:

Adoption – $5,000 reimbursement helping to fund a new child
Surrogacy – $10,000 to subsidize legally-backed surrogacy process costs
Fertility preservation – $ 20,000-lifetime help on egg freezing or banking


Cloud storage/sharing pioneer Dropbox believes healthy, happy employees maintain value alignment so remote teams access:

Premium coverage – 100% health care premiums paid
$200 extra childcare stipend – During pandemic helping offset costs Quarterly wellness reimbursement – Up to $300/quarter on eligible expenses


Gusto provides small business payroll, benefits, and HR solutions, including innovating insurance for its own distributed teams via:

Personalized support – Agents guide unique circumstance navigations
Maternity management – Doctor matching plus post-birth meal deliveries
FSA ease – PayFlex debit cards enable direct tax-advantaged payments

In summary, despite virtual location flexibility, healthcare coverage and costs remain central concerns professionals weigh when evaluating remote job offers. Organizations recognizing benefits play a strategic talent retaining a role provides employers stand apart through above-average medical, family planning, and wellness supports across the distributed staff.

As professionals increasingly seek purpose-driven leaders advancing inclusion, corporate health plan comprehensiveness communicates whether staff welfare helps fuel business success or remains an afterthought.

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