Essential Resume Tips for Aspiring Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistant resume tips for beginners: Working as a virtual assistant (VA) is an excellent option for those seeking flexible remote work opportunities. Virtual assistants provide administrative, technical, and creative support to clients from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual assistant resume tips for beginners

To land your first VA job or contract position, your resume needs to stand out and demonstrate your abilities to potential employers. Use these virtual assistant resume tips to craft an effective resume focused on your skills, experience, expertise, and passion for administrative work.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant typically handles a wide range of administrative, creative, and technical tasks for clients on an independent contractor basis. Common virtual assistant responsibilities include:

  • Email and calendar management
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings
  • Managing spreadsheets and documents
  • Creating presentations
  • Performing general administrative support
  • Writing, blogging, and social media management
  • Graphic design
  • Online research
  • Bookkeeping

Virtual assistants are highly skilled independent contractors who effectively work remotely using online platforms and communication tools while tailoring their services to each client’s unique needs.

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Key Virtual Assistant Skills to Highlight

An exceptional VA resume will include both general administrative abilities as well as specialized technical skills needed for today’s remote positions.

Essential Virtual Assistant Skills

  • Communication: Phone, email, instant messaging
  • Time management: Scheduling, calendar oversight
  • Research: Online investigation skills
  • Administration: Document creation/editing/proofing, travel arrangements
  • Technical skills: Software and platform proficiencies

Highlight these vital skills upfront in your resume objective and in a dedicated skills section.

Specialized Skills to Stand Out

Depending on the types of remote jobs you are pursuing, consider featuring some of these notable VA talents:

  • Social media management: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Writing/blogging: Article, post, and newsletter writing
  • Graphic design: Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Bookkeeping: QuickBooks, invoicing, records
  • Web research: Investigative and data compilation skills

Including specialized abilities aligned with remote openings will help your VA resume shine.

Creating an Effective Virtual Assistant Resume Objective

Your resume objective introduces your application and immediately informs the employer that you have the motivation and talents to excel as a VA.

An ideal virtual assistant resumes objective example:

To obtain a remote position as a Virtual Assistant where I can apply my exceptional administrative and technical skills to assist clients and businesses with managing their workloads.

Key tips for an engaging VA resume objective:

  • Tailor your objective statement to each open VA position
  • Convey your passion for administrative and virtual assistant work
  • Highlight specialized skills suited to the role

Use the resume objective heading to summarize your fit for the job at hand and compel hiring managers to further review your application.

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Highlighting Relevant Virtual Assistant Experience

Gaining professional experience as a VA prior to applying for a new position can be tremendously beneficial. However, many aspiring virtual assistants are new to the field.

There are two types of applicable backgrounds to include on your resume if you lack paid VA experience:

Unpaid Virtual Assistant Experience

  • Volunteer remote administrative work
  • Personal assistant tasks performed for others
  • Informal favors assisting friends/family with technical or creative duties

Transferable Professional Experience

  • Conventional in-office administrative positions
  • Jobs requiring similar skills to virtual assistants
  • Technical or creative roles involving relevant hard and soft skills

Emphasize accomplishments, technical aptitudes, and soft skills developed through these types of experiences to strengthen your VA candidacy.

Listing Your Virtual Assistant Skills and Expertise

A dedicated skills section provides a snapshot for hiring managers to see your capabilities that match virtual assistant job demands.

Essential Administrative Abilities

  • Organization/time management: Keeping schedules, meeting deadlines
  • Communication: Email, phone, instant messaging
  • Scheduling/Calendar: Managing appointments, travel, meetings
  • Data entry/analysis: Inputting, compiling, and presenting data
  • Research: Investigating online sources for information
  • Microsoft/Google suites: High proficiency level

Technical and Specialized Skills

  • Social media management: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Basic graphic design: Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Writing/blogging: Article and newsletter drafting
  • Bookkeeping: Invoicing, QuickBooks, records
  • Web research: Investigative and data compilation skills

Including a grid or bullet point list of marketable VA skills visually catches hiring managers’ attention. You can also embed key technical abilities within your Work Experience section.

Adding Other Value-Added Sections

Beyond the standard resume sections, virtual assistants can showcase credibility via:

Relevant Certifications

  • Virtual Assistant certifications
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Project management credentials
  • Data analysis certification

Work Samples/Portfolio

Provide a link to online samples of your projects:

  • Writing samples
  • Graphic design portfolio
  • Bookkeeping records examples
  • Client social media campaign results


Feature positive client reviews praising your virtual assistance:

“Janet was professional, responsive, and intuitive when it came to helping me improve office efficiencies. I would highly recommend her VA services for administrative and technical support.”

These extra elements confirm your specialized expertise, training, and client satisfaction.

Tools & Platforms Proficiency

Fluency using popular remote work tools and software can give your resume a leg up. Feature knowledge of relevant programs:

  • Project & Task Management: Asana, Trello, Basecamp
  • Communication: Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams
  • File Storage/Sharing: Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Bookkeeping: QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Wave

Listing platform skills reassures hirers you can readily adapt as a remote employee.

Summary of Key Virtual Assistant Resume Tips

Crafting a resume tailored to virtual assistant opportunities is vital to launching your career. Implement these best practices:


  • Tailor objective to each VA job posting
  • Quantify accomplishments from past experience
  • Showcase communication abilities
  • Highlight both administrative and technical skills
  • Embed keywords from the job description
  • Include specialized credentials/certifications
  • Provide portfolio samples demonstrating talents


  • Use a generic resume objective
  • Neglect highlighting transferable skills
  • Forget adding section headings and bullet points
  • Omit platform/software proficiencies
  • Wait too long to start applying for VA jobs!

Polishing your virtual assistant resume using these suggestions will help you stand out. With a stellar application focusing on your passions, qualifications, and expertise, you can readily launch an engaging career as a remote VA.

Next Steps for Applying to VA Jobs

Once your resume is complete, expansively apply to promising remote work listings and be persistent. Highlight how your profile strengths directly fulfill the posted position duties.

With a tailored resume and a determined high-volume application strategy, you will find employers taking notice of your excellent virtual assisting qualifications in no time. Stay positive and motivated! You’ve got this.

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FAQs for the Virtual assistant resume tips for beginners

What should I include on my virtual assistant resume?

Your VA resume should highlight your administrative and technical skills, such as organization, communication, writing, calendar management, and research abilities. Include an objective tailored to the VA job, any relevant experience (paid or unpaid), a skills section, certifications, portfolio samples if applicable, and proficiency with remote work tools.

What if I don’t have direct virtual assistant experience for my resume?

Many aspiring VAs are new to the role. Focus on transferable skills from past office/administrative jobs or unpaid experience assisting others with technical, creative, or administrative tasks. Quantify accomplishments and highlight soft skills around communication, time management, problem-solving, and online platforms.

What are the most important skills for a virtual assistant?

Top skills employers look for include communication abilities across email, phone, and chat; expertise using virtual work tools like Slack/Zoom; deadline-oriented project management; multitasking; and administrative skills around email, calendar management, travel arrangements, and document creation/editing. Specialized skills in social media, graphic design, writing, or bookkeeping are also valued.

Should I include a portfolio or work samples on my VA resume?

Including a portfolio highlighting client social media content, writing samples, graphic design work, or other projects showcases your abilities. Provide a link to an online portfolio featuring your best 5-7 relevant work examples. Be sure all samples demonstrate skills needed for the positions you are applying to.

How can I stand out as a virtual assistant candidate?

Craft a powerful objective connected to each VA job description. Include keywords and specialized skills from postings in your resume. Highlight technical platform abilities with various tools. Obtain relevant certifications to bolster qualifications. Feature testimonials conveying praise of your virtual assisting service. Quantify accomplishments from past experience.

What mistakes should I avoid on my virtual assistant resume?

Do not use a generic objective. Omit irrelevant work history lacking transferable skills. Avoid listing basic computer literacy skills lacking specifics. Do not rely solely on duties from past jobs; spotlight measurable accomplishments. Steer clear of overly wordy, dense blocks of text. Leave out fancy formatting and graphics that obstruct content. Finally, avoid spelling/grammar mistakes and inaccurate information.

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